Addams Family Values

08/13/2015 19:29

Film: The Addams Family Values

Year: 1993

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Writer: Paul Rudnick

Starring: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd



This film begins showing us the Addams family again. We have the mother, played by Anjelica Huston, and her husband, played by Raul Julia. Julia’s brother is played by Christopher Lloyd. Huston and Julia’s children are Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman. Huston’s mother is played by Carol Kane in this one. They still have their butler played by Carel Struycken and they still have the favorite hand, Thing.

The first thing we get is Huston telling Julia that she is having their baby. The whole clan goes to the hospital where they have another boy, named Pubert Addams, the child is played by twin girls named Kaitlyn Hooper and Kristen Hooper.

Ricci and Workman have it in their head that they have to kill the baby or one of them will be killed. They try a few different ways to take care of the problem, but something thwarts them at every turn. It is decided by Huston and Julia to hire a nanny.

After going through a few different candidates, the last one they see is played by Joan Cusack. She is quirky like they are and they hire her. She starts that night. We learn though while she watches television that she is a Black Widow. She has been married before, a couple times and has killed her husbands for their money. We see that she has her attention turned to Lloyd.

Her first order of business is to get Ricci and Workman out of the house and that is taken care of by sending them to summer camp. Huston and Julia can’t believe it, but they are convinced by Cusack that is what they want. They are sent to Camp Chippewa. The camp is for privileged children and ran by a married couple, made up of Peter MacNicol and Christine Baranski. The suck-up camper that leads the crusade against Ricci and Workman is the Girl Scout from the first film, played by Mercedes McNab.

With the children out of the way, Cusack sets her sights on Lloyd. It is quite easy and after their first date they are engaged. They get married soon after and Cusack doesn’t wait any time in trying to kill her new husband. On their honeymoon, she drops a stereo into the bathtub with Lloyd in it. He survives.

Ricci makes a new friend at camp. He is a sickly, weird kid played by David Krumholtz. Ricci becomes the leader of the outcasts, but MacNicol and Baranski do what they can to convert her, her brother and Krumholtz to be normal and get active. They go as far as casting Ricci in the lead opposite McNab in the play they will put on. Will they get her and the other weird kids to convert or will it be all for nil?

Cusack makes Lloyd promise her that if they are to be married, then he has never see his family again. He reluctantly agrees because he loves her. She still is trying to kill him though. Lloyd not seeing his family creates problems at the Addams house. Their new baby changes from the dark haired, mustached child to a rosy cheeked, happy, blonde hair child. Will the Addams get Lloyd back before it is too late or will Cusack kill him before he can rejoin his family?

I have to say that I actually like this one better than the first one. I think they can really delve more into each character in this one, where the first one was trying to introduce them and get Lloyd’s character to realize who he is. This one has a few places that has me cracking up to this day, which is impressive. I have to say that Ricci really steals this one, even though she was quite young. She shows some depth for a character that is dark and mysterious, but pretends to bright and cheery for a stretch. She also leads a great scene at the play they put on at the camp.

The only drawback to this film is that some of what happens isn’t realistic. It doesn’t ruin the film by any stretch and a lot of times it adds to the humor. Makes me wonder how Ricci and Workman are still alive after everything they do to each other as well.

I would recommend giving this one a viewing, if you want to see a family friendly horror/comedy. You can watch this one with the family or by yourself and it is still enjoyable. There is good acting all around by the cast. The story and concept are both funny and seeing how this family acts and does things is quite fun as well. This one is definitely worth your time and a viewing. There are also some funny cameos to look for from the ever sarcastic Nathan Lane and Tony Shalhoub.


My Rating: 7 out of 10