08/15/2015 08:21

Film: Amer

Year: 2009

Director: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani

Writer: Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani

Starring: Cassandra Forêt, Charlotte Eugène Guibeaud and Marie Bos



This film begins when the main character is a child. At this stage in the film, she is played by Cassandra Forêt. She lives with her mother and father, who are played by Bianca Maria D’Amato and Jean-Michel Vovk. There is another woman living there as well, she is played by Delphine Brual. This woman was helping Forêt’s grandfather. D’Amato wants her out, because she is a witch. They continue to find dead birds in the house that Brual is using.

Forêt is chased by Brual. Early on, Forêt looks through keyholes at her parents as well as Brual. There are two events at this stage in Forêt’s life is that her grandfather has died, he is played by Bernard Marbaix. She goes in the room to take something. While she is searching, her mother comes in and she hides under the bed. There is salt underneath it and while she is down there, she gets smashed into it. Once she leaves, Forêt finds what she is looking for in Marbaix’s hands. She uses a crucifix to get it, breaking his finger in the process. When she gets it out, it turns out to be a pocket watch and she is finds his eyes open. After she closes them, she is attacked by Brual.

Forêt flees, but can’t get into her room. She tries to go into her parent’s room, but she walks in on them making love. This haunts her nightmares along with Brual and her grandfather.

The film then shifts to when the main character is now a teenager. She is now played by Charlotte Eugène Guibeaud. Guibeaud wears a short dress and sucks on her hair. D’Amato and her walk along the road. There are people who are looking at Guibeaud. Her dress flaps in the wind and she doesn’t do much to stop it.

They end up going to town so her mother can get her hair colored. Guibeaud is told to wait and stay in sight. A boy who plays with a soccer ball comes into the store; he is played by Thomas Bonzani. They go outside and Guibeaud kicks his soccer ball. They run after it. It comes to a stop in front of a biker gang.

Guibeaud walks toward them while the men stare at her. She looks determined. Her mother appears and slaps her across her face.

The film then shifts to the main character as an adult, now played by Marie Bos. She gets a ride from a taxi driver played by Harry Cleven. There is a scene where the car is hot, Cleven is trying to look up her dress and Bos has a dream that her clothes are torn off.

She has returned to the home from her childhood. The house has fallen apart. She has come to clean the place up. She takes some of the stuff to the trash, smiling at the men who are working.

Later that night, Bos is cleaning and hears something coming from the bathroom. She goes in and attempts to take a bath. The water is off, so instead she finds a comb and uses it to masturbate.

Bos wakes up and hears an intruder. She doesn’t see anything at first. Cleven is back as well and he knocks at the door. Bos tries to be quiet so he will leave, but part of the ceiling collapses. Bos tries to get away, but the other person locks the gate. None of them can leave. Will Bos and Cleven survive? Who is this silhouette? Is it someone we already know or someone else?

This film was quite interesting to say the least. What I liked about it was the use of colors. There are some vivid scenes that use vibrant colors to get across what they are trying to do. This film does a great job at paying homage to the giallo horror films of the past. I really like the editing as well. Scenes are spliced together very well to get their exact meaning across. The last 15 minutes are pretty solid as well.

The only things I didn’t really care for in this film were that I was confused as to what was happening. It did take some time for me to figure it out. The other thing I didn’t like was there wasn’t much of a story. Neither of these really hurt the film outside of the final rating I gave to them. This film is also considered a horror film, but many aspects of this are lacking. Still the parts that are horror are good.

This is an interesting film of three important events of a woman’s life. All of them have to do with sexuality. It starts out as voyeurism, grows into the forbidden fruit and then into sexual deviation. The acting is good; the story is for the most part not existent. There is good editing and use of colors. I would definitely give this a viewing if it sounds interesting. This isn’t the scariest film, but definitely has some solid horror aspects.


My Rating: 7 out of 10