American Psycho

08/17/2015 19:47

Film: American Psycho

Year: 2000

Director: Mary Harron

Writer: Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner

Starring: Christian Bale, Justin Theroux and Josh Lucas



This film follows a wealthy businessman, played by Christian Bale, who we never actually see do any work. He is engaged to marry Reese Witherspoon, but he doesn’t love her. He actually has no emotion, as he states in this film. He doesn’t really act like a human. He has flesh, blood and looks human, but outside of disgust and greed, he shows no other emotions.

He has a close group of friends. One of them is played by Justin Theroux, who Bale believes is sleeping with his fiancé. They also hang out the most together, doing a lot of drinking and drugs. He is also friends with Josh Lucas. He is quite rude, but they share similar interests. The final member of their group is Bill Sage. They also work together. Another guy they work with is Matt Ross. He is odd and he is engaged to marry Samantha Mathis. She is having an affair with Bale though. This group of people goes out to eat all the time at fancy restaurants, drink and do drugs, living a rich lifestyle, but all of them are out of touch with reality. The four men who hang out together are sexist and definitely pretentious.

Bale has a lot of issues. He takes great care of his body, but as I have stated, he never does any work. His secretary is Chloë Sevigny. She has a crush on Bale, but he doesn’t really notice her.

We see Bale go to parties and restaurants. We see him have a nervous breakdown about his co-workers having better business cards. He meets a man with a similar job as him during this, played by Jared Leto. Leto believes that Bale is someone else and Bale plays along with it. At one point, Bale asks him to go dinner soon. Leto agrees, but kind of blows it off.

Bale also uses prostitutes and escorts. He is highly sexual watching pornographic films. He is also really into serial killers and horror films. Not to mention he is a music connoisseur and dissects what he listens to.

We see him pick up a prostitute and call in an escort. He wants to have a three-some and pulls out a video camera. He knows exactly what he wants, treats women without any respect and acts like they are something to be ordered around. The sexual encounter goes on, but in the end, he snaps. They leave with blood, bruises and are hurt.

When Bale goes out to eat with Leto, he gets him completely intoxicated. Leto ends up mocking who Bale really is, still thinking he is someone else. Bale takes him back to his apartment and explains Huey Lewis and News’ music. This ends up with him killing Leto with an axe and makes it look like he disappeared.

Soon after, Bale is visited at work by a detective who is hired by Leto’s family; the detective is played by Willem Dafoe. He thinks there is something up with Bale, but he can’t quite put his finger on it.

Bale begins to kill more and more. He also loses more and more touch with reality and can’t keep himself in check. He doesn’t know who he is and no one seems to really know who he is either. He kills prostitutes, homeless people, women he picks up in a bar and when he goes to kill a kitten, he kills a woman who tries to stop him instead. This causes him to go on a murderous run that leads him to his office. Will he be stopped? Is there anyway he can prove he isn’t doing the killings? Does anyone know really know anyone?

This film made me realize a few things. The rich have problems just like normal people, but theirs are so far out of touch with reality. It made me realize that the rich really don’t seem to know each other. That and the rich can get away with murder as well. There is a point where you think maybe he hasn’t been killing all the people we see and that he might be just going crazy, but then we realize that it is easier to pretend it didn’t happen and then forget about it. This film has great acting and a great story to go along with it.

The only thing I didn’t like was one of the same things I did like. I wonder if how realistically what Bale does could happen. Could a rich man kill all of these people in the way that he does without anyone ever finding out or knowing? The only argument I can make for it to be possible is that no one ever knows who anyone is and they create alibis, because of it. Another thing that helps it is that Bale does all of this in the heat of the moment. He kills a lot of people that no one would look for and those that he does kill all happen in the spur of the moment. It helps him in that he doesn’t really have a motive outside of being insane. It is an interesting idea and crazy what he does.

I would highly recommend this film. This is one of the better looking and acted horror films. The story is fantastic and we get a glimpse of how the other half lives. We also get that they are all fake, none of them really know each other and even know themselves. It is also scary that these people could possible get away with murder. This film is definitely worth your time, even if you do not like horror films. This is also one of the best acting performances for Bale as well.


My Rating: 9 out of 10