Amityville 1992: It's About Time

08/17/2015 20:15

Film: Amityville 1992: It’s About Time

Year: 1992

Director: Tony Randel

Writer: Christopher DeFaria and Antonio Toro

Starring: Stephen Macht, Shawn Weatherly and Megan Ward



This film begins with an old woman walking down the sidewalk; she is played by Nita Talbot. She is moving slowly and a storm is on the horizon. We see her walking down the sidewalk in a subdivision. She stops in front of a house. Now this house is modern, but there are two lights on the second floor, that are evenly spaced and resemble eyes. A taxi pulls up in front of the house and Stephen Macht exits.

He has his hands full and he rings the bell. Shawn Weatherly answers the door and she looks frazzled. Macht asks her what is wrong and she says she just woke up. He enters his home. He is greeted by his teenage daughter played by Megan Ward. She asks if the box is for her, but he says it is not. His son joins them; he is played by Damon Martin. The box contains an old ugly clock that Macht saved from a house they destroyed.

Talbot still looks at the house and once the clock is revealed, lightning and thunder crack. Talbot sees the house change from the way it looks to the old Amityville house. She knows there is evil there and she continues on.

Macht puts the new clock on the mantle above the fireplace. He is proud of it. Macht follows Weatherly into his office and she is packing to leave. He tries to convince her to stay the night. It turns out that they used to date and she actually had moved in with him and his children. She left because she felt she could never replace Macht’s dead wife and she couldn’t handle Macht anymore and his ways. Plus she has a boyfriend currently.

She ends up staying and making love to him. While this is happening, the clock reveals a hook and drill, securing itself to the mantle. Martin cannot sleep so he goes down to the kitchen. While there he hears something at the door and it turns out to be a neighbor’s dog. The dog enters and goes to the living room. The dog stares at the clock and starts barking. Martin calms it down and then pulls it back to the door.

Martin goes back to the living room and looks in at the clock. He tries to flip one of the light switches. This changes it to a different room, it is an older room with a block table and shackles. He turns it off and the room returns to normal. He tries this a few times and it changes every time. Finally when he does, a light shorts out. Martin ends up running into his dad on the landing of the staircase and tells him he wasn’t doing anything when asked. They go to bed.

The next morning, Weatherly is still there. Ward really likes her and Martin is indifferent. Macht is happy to have her there. He goes for his morning run. As he does, he tells a neighbor that she should have her dog on a leash. This is the same dog that Martin interacted with. When Macht reaches the end of his run, his watch is no longer working. When he turns around, his neighbor and her dog are there. She is not responding to what Macht says and she lets her dog go. Macht can’t get away and it tears into his leg. Macht only survives by breaking a bottle and stabbing the dog in the face.

At school, we see that Martin is kind of a loner and is interested in metal and horror related things. Ward is that innocent, cute girl that has a senior interested in her. Martin skips out on school to play chess with Talbot. Martin brings up what he saw and what happened. Talbot believes him and tells him what she felt as well.

Macht starts to change almost immediately. Weatherly tries to help clean out his bites so it does not get infected. Macht is irate and tells her he will do it himself. Weatherly then runs into Martin as he is coming home and he takes her to the neighbor who owns the dog. She tells them that she doesn’t know what they are talking about. Her dog is fine and attacked no one. They see that its nose has no cut.

More weird things happen. The neighbor’s dog is shoved into the drain of the pool and a swastika is painted in blood on the side of a garage. Macht becomes angrier as his leg becomes more and more infected. Weatherly’s boyfriend shows up, he is played by Jonathan Penner. He tries to convince her to leave, but despite his attempts, she sticks around. Ward becomes possessed and doesn’t act so innocent after that. Talbot knows there is something going on and she will help Martin figure it out. Martin is accused of everything though; will the police arrest him before he can save his family? Will they be able to survive this evil? Will Macht realize what he is doing? Will Weatherly be able to hold it all together?

I will give it to this film; it goes back to back to what some of the previous sequels to Amityville did in that an object is taken from the Amityville house and it carries in it the evil. This one at least has a story that makes sense, for the most part. I really like Ward and I think she does a decent job in this film. Macht, Weatherly and Martin do okay as well. Talbot was pretty good, except her moving her eyes and closing them after she is supposed to be dead. This film wasn’t all that scary though, but I do have to say, I like the ending and how it plays out. I thought that was pretty solid.

Now what I didn’t like was that this film is a sequel to Amityville. I immediately knew that they were drawing parallels with the lights of the house, but then it slaps you in the face by cutting in the image of it. I think this film would have been better if it didn’t handcuff itself to this franchise. My big problem is that this clock used in the film has nothing to do with the Amityville house and it creates a new history that was not in any previous films. That really irks me. I didn’t like that when the clock runs backward or forward it will make one person old or young, which didn’t make a lot of sense. I didn’t like when the wall behind it is cracked, we see a clock near the end. I also didn’t like the concept of the clock securing itself to the mantle. I thought Penner was horrible in this film. It was especially odd that he comes to the house of his girlfriend while she is staying with an ex. It is odd that they just carry on their relationship while there as well. I also think it too long to get going and the deaths were very weak. Penner’s death did have a fun reveal though. This film did some good things, but it had a lot of issues.

I wouldn’t recommend seeing this film, unless you are a big fan of the Amityville series of films and you are trying to watch them all. The acting is decent; the story is subpar, but quite a bit didn’t make sense. I did like the ending and how it ties everything back in. This film had a lot of issues that were just a little too glaring to be glossed over. I would say that this film is not worth your time to see unless you really like bad ghost/possession type film.


My Rating: 4 out of 10