Amityville: The Evil Escapes

08/17/2015 20:09

Film: Amityville: The Evil Escapes

Year: 1989

Director: Sandor Stern

Writer: Sandor Stern

Starring: Patty Duke, Jane Wyatt and Fredric Lehne



This film begins with a couple of priests going to the Amityville house, one them is older played by Norman Lloyd and a younger one played by Fredric Lehne. They go inside the house and try to bless it so the evil leaves. They feel the presence and the spirit tries to stop them. Lehne goes into an upper room to find an ugly lamp that resembles a tree. We see that a bulge moves up the cord and then the demon’s face appears in the globe light on top of it. Lehne is flung back.

Lehne ends up in the hospital. Lloyd speaks to the man that is trying to sell the house. Lloyd tells him that he thinks the spirit has been defeated. He doesn’t feel its presence anymore. The man sells the items inside the house. Two older women look through what is being sold. Peggy McCay is one of them and she decides to buy the lamp and send it to her sister. She states she will understand why she bought it. McCay cuts her finger on it.

The man from the shipping company comes to pick the box up and McCay is trying to clean out the cut on her finger, but it is horrible infected. The lamp gets shipped across the country to California.

We then meet a family that is going to live with their grandmother. The mother is played by Patty Duke. Her eldest child is daughter is played by Zoe Trilling. Her son is played by Aron Eisenberg. There is the youngest daughter played by Brandy Gold. They are going to live with Duke’s mother who is played by Jane Wyatt. They are going to live her, because Duke’s husband has died unexpectedly.

The family arrives the same day as the box does from Wyatt’s sister. Gold stares at it and tells Wyatt that there is something important inside of it. The family begins to get acclimated. It should also be noted that Wyatt has a bird as well as a cat.

Gold has been taking her father’s death hard. She has reverted to being 5 years old and not handling it well. Trilling is a junior in high school and has to switch schools, so she is not thrilled. Plus she is used to living in a big city. Duke also needs to figure out what she can do to support her family and is going to college to become a teacher.

That first night the lamp is plugged in, the spirit leaves the lamp to enter the house. Wyatt is burned by the tea kettle almost immediately. Wyatt and Duke are talking in the kitchen when this happens. There is also a radio that turns on, playing Duke and her husband’s song.

Duke goes to her room to go to bed. She looks into her mirror and sees her dead husband. When she turns to look at him, he’s gone. She is then startled when Gold comes into her room. Gold wants to sleep with her and Duke tries to tell her no. She relents and lets Gold sleep there that night.

In the middle of the night, Gold is missing. Duke finds her in the room with the lamp. She is talking to it and is convinced that she is speaking with her father. Duke is concerned and tells her that her father is dead.

More weird things happen since the lamp has come there. They find Wyatt’s bird dead in the toaster oven. Eisenberg is looking at a chainsaw when it turns on and he goes on a rampage in the basement trying to stop it. Wyatt’s maid, who is played by Lou Hancock, doesn’t like the lamp either. She tries to get the son of local handyman, the son played by Jamie Stern, to move it upstairs and hopefully get rid of it. He is a senior in high school and Trilling takes a liking to him immediately. He has an accident when dealing with the garbage disposal though.

McCay’s infection spreads and gets worse. The doctors and her friends try to reach Wyatt, but the phone connection is bad. Lehne wakes up and knows what happened with the lamp. He tries to get in contact with Wyatt. When he can’t, he decides to go out there to save her. McCay dies and her family doesn’t even know. Can Lehne save this family before it is too late? Will the family realize what is going on before the spirit claims them? How many more will die before they learn what is going on?

I do have to give this film that it creates an interesting concept. The previous films have been in the house and it has gotten stale. This one allows itself to move out and actually go all the way across the country. The problem is that the film was made for television and it has that feel. I think the acting is okay for the most part, but it is too bland. Duke and Wyatt act like families on television. Lehne, Gold, Trilling, Eisenberg and Hancock are all pretty good though. The lamp is ugly, so I’m not sure who would actually want it, but the film knows that. The spirit being inside of it is interesting, but I think the special effects used with it are somewhat weak. The film also has a lot of household accidents, which I like when it comes to haunted house/item films.

I’ve already stated my biggest issues. The top one being that it is made for television. This one does try to do something different with the Amityville haunting concept and it leads the way for other sequels. What happens in this film is just weak, it isn’t scary and it gets pretty boring throughout most of it.

I would only recommend this film if you are a fan of the Amityville series. By itself it is a weak haunted house, possession, haunted item film. Some of the acting is okay while some of it is too bland. The story has an interesting concept, but gets boring for a majority of this. There are better films out there to watch in this genre. I would only view this if you want to watch all the whole series.


My Rating: 4 out of 10