And Soon the Darkness (1970)

08/18/2015 20:25

Film: And Soon the Darkness

Year: 1970

Director: Robert Fuest

Writer: Brian Clemens and Terry Nation

Starring: Pamela Franklin, Michele Dotrice and Sandor Elès



In this film we find two young British women biking across the French countryside. At the beginning we find them at a little outdoor café where one of the women, Michele Dotrice takes a picture of a man who immediately puts his sunglasses on. She believes him to be cute, while the other ignores it.

The other woman is played by Pamela Franklin. She seems to be the mastermind of this excursion and wants to push on, while her friend wants to be around people, have fun and not so much worried about how far they get.

This causes a problem when Dotrice decides to pull off the road into a little wooded area to rest. Franklin joins her for a bit, but when she wants to push forward, an argument ensues. In the end, it is decided that Dotrice will stay put until she’s ready to go and Franklin goes on ahead without her.

Franklin stops at the first café she finds and waits for her friend. When she doesn’t come, Franklin goes back the way they came to see if she can find her. Reaching the wooded area, there is no sign of her friend aside from her camera. Showing up soon after is the man they saw at the café earlier, played by Sandor Elès.

Franklin begins to investigate where her friend has gone to. She goes to local houses searching for her and looks for whatever clues she can, but there are not many. Can she find what happened to her friend or will she disappear as well?

This is an excellent thriller. The mood is set by the environment, being out in the middle of nowhere. The landscape is desolate and it affects the mood. There are extreme long shots of someone working in a field, but you get the feeling they wouldn’t help if you needed it. Next the people in this film are creepy. You don’t know who to trust and it does feel that any of them could be involved. The next thing that contributes is the language barrier. Most everyone speaks French while the main character speaks English. She can’t communicate with most of the people as is when she attempts to find her friend.

I would recommend this film if you’re interested in thrillers. At times it was hard for me to understand the people, many speak with a British accent and it can be difficult, then the rest speak French which I do not understand at all. There are no subtitles, so you don’t know what they’re saying, which does add to the feel of the movie. Outside of that, it is an interesting who-did-it that felt me guessing to the very end.


My Rating: 7 out of 10