Brides of Dracula

08/29/2015 06:45

Film: Brides of Dracula

Year: 1960

Director: Terence Fisher

Writer: Peter Bryan, Edward Percy and Jimmy Sangster

Starring: Peter Cushing, Martita Hunt and Yvonne Monlaur



In this film, we have a young, beautiful woman, played by Yvonne Monlaur, who is on her way to a school to become a teacher. On her way there, her coach stops and she goes into the inn/pub to wait. While inside, it leaves her there. She is upset because she feels she will be late, but the people around her are upset for a different reason.

Another coach arrives, this time with the Baroness of the area, played by Martita Hunt. She sits with Monlaur and invites her to her castle as well as offering her a ride in the morning.

At the castle, Monlaur finds a man on a balcony below her. When she questions Hunt, we learn it is her son. Monlaur awakens later in the night to see the man on the balcony, looking like he will commit suicide. She goes down there and helps him escape.

Upon doing this, a rash of strange deaths begin to occur, where people seem to die for no reason at all. A doctor arrives, played by Peter Cushing, who believes that vampires are to blame and the hunt begins. The Baron is also interested in Monlaur and death seems to follow this young woman everywhere she goes.

Will Monlaur survive this ordeal or will she be made one of the undead? Can Cushing put an end to these vampires or will be fall to them?

This film isn’t all that bad actually. Coming in I wasn’t expecting much and this one had its moments. Monlaur did a fine job and she is quite striking. Cushing is his usual self and does his role fine. Even the Baron, who was played by David Peel, does a solid job as the vampire.

The only problem I had is this film didn’t follow the normal rules of Dracula. Vampires aren’t supposed to enter homes unless invited for one thing. There was also a problem that they weren’t superhuman, with the only power is of persuasion with the eyes. The bat that was supposed to be them was clearly a rubber toy, but from when this was made, I’ll let that slide.

With that being said, this is a Hammer production, so don’t expect it to be the greatest film, but if you want to see a solid vampire film with a decent story, I’d recommend this. Again, don’t expect to be turned to the genre by this one, but it is better than many films from this era as well as this genre.


My Rating: 6 out of 10