08/29/2015 21:52

Film: Creep

Year: 2004

Director: Christopher Smith

Writer: Christopher Smith

Starring: Franka Potente, Sean Harris and Vas Blackwood



This film begins with two guys who work for the sewage department in the city. There is an old man who has been doing the job for awhile and then his new helper, played by Vas Blackwood. As they are going about their job they hear a scream of some sort. They go to investigate and find a hole in the wall that leads to a new tunnel. Blackwood doesn’t go in until he hears a yell and finds his partner in a catatonic state. He stares behind Blackwood and sees someone appear, screaming and then pulled away.

We then cut to a party. There is our main character played by Franka Potente. She is being hit on by a kind of creepy guy played by Jeremy Sheffield. We learn she has another engagement that night, but she learns the person she was supposed to go with has already left. She decides to still go and leaves anyway.

She tries to hail a taxi, but she can’t get one to stop. She elects to use the subway and when she tries to get a ticket, the machine won’t accept anything, but the exact amount. She ends up overpaying a homeless woman for a pass, the woman played by Kelly Scott. Potente takes a bottle of alcohol from her purse as she waits for the train. She falls asleep and when she wakes up, she has missed it.

She attempts to leave, but finds she is locked in. She goes back down to the platform and a train pulls up. She gets on; it leaves, but stops soon after. We see that the driver has been killed. The power goes off and then we see there is someone else on it. It turns out to be Sheffield. He tries to rape her, but during the attempt he is attacked. Something pulls him off the train. He appears bloody calling for her and he’s taken again.

Potente finds the homeless woman and her boyfriend, played by Sean Harris. There is a security guard who gets pulled in as well. Potente will find a whole labyrinth and secret hidden beneath the city. Plus Blackwood isn’t dead yet either. Will anyone survive?

I really liked this film for the most part. It was creepy and you learn more and more throughout the film. The problem I had was they introduced a little bit about the thing that is stalking them, but then without really explaining it, the film ends. The ending wasn’t bad, there was some convenient parts that extended it that I think should have been altered, but doesn’t ruin it.

I just wanted a little bit more from the story. We got a bit about what was going on, but they as I said they only give enough to wet your lips. I wanted at least a sip so I could put it together and I didn’t get it.

The acting though is good and despite a couple of scenes, the film isn’t all that bad. I didn’t like the ending, because I had too many questions for the end. Still I would say give this one a viewing as it is a pretty decent English horror film taking place in quite the creepy place.


My Rating: 5 out of 10