Creepshow II

08/29/2015 21:56

Film: Creepshow II

Year: 1987

Director: Michael Gornick

Writer: George A. Romero

Starring: George Kennedy, Lois Chiles and Domenick John



This film begins with a truck pulling up to the curb and a boy following on his bicycle, the boy played by Domenick John. The truck turns out to have a creepy man in the back, played by Tom Savini and voiced by Joe Silver. He has the new issue for Creepshow and that is what the boy wants. The film then shifts to cartoon as we move into the first story.

This one is titled Old Chief Wood’nhead. We have a man who runs a store, played by George Kennedy. The town has died around his store, but he still is staying open. He has a large wooden Native American statue outside of his shop. He goes out to repaint the war paint on his face. His wife is played by Dorothy Lamour. She wants him to enjoy life and sell the shop. He stated he cannot do that. He is then visited by Frank Salsedo. He drops off the most prized treasures of his tribe. He tells Kennedy that if they do not pay back their debts in 2 autumns, they are his. His wife eats crow and apologizes to Salsedo for things she said to her husband.

After he leaves, his son shows up with his two thug friends, the son is played by Holt McCallany. They have a fat friend played by David Holbrook and a rich friend played by Don Harvey. They rob Kennedy and his wife, steal things from the store and tear it up. McCallany also wants the treasures that were dropped off. He ends up killing the old couple before he leaves. The wooden Native American outside comes to life to extract its revenge and return the treasure to its rightful owners. Will the statue succeed?

The wraparound story is shown the rest of the way as a cartoon as well. The boy goes to the post office to receive his package, which we learn is a bulb for a Venus flytrap. The man in the post office talks down to the boy for thinking that it is real.

The next story is titled The Raft. There are two couples that head out to a hidden lake to go swimming, hang out on a raft that is in it and smoke weed. There is a jock played by Paul Satterfield. His girlfriend is the prissy one, played by Jeremy Green. There is the smart one played by Daniel Beer and his quiet girlfriend played by Page Hannah. They do not tell anyone where they are going and it is mid-September, so the water is freezing. While they are heading out to the raft, Beer watches a duck get eaten by something in the water. Once on the raft, he realizes there is a blob like thing on top of the water that is moving toward them. Everyone gets onto the raft before it gets to them.

Hannah touches this thing and it ends up eating her. Satterfield is next as it comes up through the boards to eat him as well. Will Beer and Green be able to make it back to the shore before this thing makes a meal out of them as well?

Back to the story of Billy, he is jumped by some bullies that squash the bulb that he just got in the mail. Billy kicks their leader in the groin and gets them to chase after him.

This leads us to our final story entitled The Hitchhiker. There is a married woman played by Lois Chiles. She is paying a man to sleep with her; he is played by David Beecroft. The power has gone out and the alarm didn’t go off so she is hurrying home. She lights a cigarette, but drops it and loses control of her car. While she tries to gain control, she hits a hitchhiker, played by Tom Wright. She doesn’t check on him, but just leaves. A few people stop to check, including Stephen King as a truck driver.

Chiles continues on, but then stops when she thinks she sees Wright. He is limping toward her, but that can’t be possible. He comes up to her window and Chiles speeds away. Wright is on her car and won’t stop trying to get in. No matter how far she goes, he is there. She runs him over among other things, but he still keeps coming. Will she get away or will Wright get his revenge?

To end this, will Billy get his revenge on these bullies?

I have to say that I did like this film, but it is a step back from the original. I think the stories are okay. My personal favorite is The Raft and I remember watching it as a kid and being terrified. The acting isn’t as good as the first, but it still is decent. This one is only 3 stories and it is not as long as its predecessor. I didn’t find the other two to be that scary.

This one does have bad acting though, like McCallany. I found him to be unreal and to be outrageous. I also found it weird that Holbrook and Harvey would help him rob these nice people. They don’t seem overly bad, but I can see that they’re bullied. It is also hard to believe that they will be running away to Hollywood just like that. I also wonder if Chiles would really flee the scene like she did. I know she’s rich and wants to get home before her husband is suspicious, but with that many vehicles in the area, it would be hard to get away. I also didn’t like the cartoon wraparound story, especially how it officially ends. The Creep was interesting, but nowhere near as scary as the original one used.

With that said, I would recommend giving this one a viewing, especially if you like anthology horror films. This one is not as good as the previous one, but it is still from King’s stories and George Romero wrote the screenplay. The acting isn’t as good and the stories aren’t as scary, but they are still enjoyable. If you like King, Romero or the original, then I’d recommend giving this one a view.


My Rating: 6 out of 10