Demons II (Dèmoni II… L’incubo ritorna)

10/12/2016 21:27

Film: Demons II (Dèmoni II… L’incubo ritorna)

Year: 1986

Director: Lamberto Bava

Writer: Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Franco Ferrini and Dardano Sacchetti

Starring: David Edwin Knight, Nancy Brilli and Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni



This film takes place in a high rise apartment building that is high tech for the time and completely secure. The film begins with a red liquid falling onto a large knife and it turns out that it is jam or jelly. The person is making a cake for someone named Sally as it is her birthday.

Sally is played by Coralina Cataldi-Tassoni. She is not having a good day though as she feels like everything is being messed up and she is frustrated. It seems she would much rather watch the horror film that is on television about demons. One of Cataldi-Tassoni’s friends is trying to convince her to come out and have fun, she looks fine and that everyone is having fun.

We see a few other people within this building on this night. There is a young married couple played by David Edwin Knight and Nancy Brilli. She is pregnant and he is in college. There is a personal trainer played by Bobby Rhodes and he has a bunch of people who work out with him in the gym of this building.

There’s a family with the daughter played by a young Asia Argento, in her film debut as her father is the producer and co-writer of this film. Her father in the film is played by Antonio Cantafora and her mother by Luisa Passega. There is a prostitute who comes into the building the same time as Knight, she is played by Virginia Bryant. A woman with a dog played by Anita Bartolucci and a little boy is left alone while his parents go out to dinner; he is played by Marco Vivio. It seems that most everyone is watching the film about the demons as well.

Cataldi-Tassoni’s night is ruined when one of her friends answers the phone and invites a jerk to come over. We end up seeing the jerk is played by Lorenzo Gioielli. He is dressed as a punk and is with three friends. One of which is scared by his driving. Cataldi-Tassoni is very upset about her friend inviting him over and another friend tells him to go downstairs to tell Gioielli that he is not allowed to come up.

Then Cataldi-Tassoni goes back into her bedroom to sulk and continue watching the movie. The movie kind of recaps what happened in the previous film. That a city was overrun and then a wall was erected around it to keep the demons inside. A group of four people go into the city to investigate. One of them cuts their hand and they find a demon that has died. The woman bleeds on it and it comes back to life, killing her. This demon then looks at the screen and then comes out of it. It attacks Cataldi-Tassoni.

The partygoers try to get her to blow out her candles and she does. She turns into a demon and attacks her guests. Brilli really wants a piece of cake, with her pregnant urges, and goes over there. She knocks at the door, but doesn’t hear anyone. Cataldi-Tassoni screams, but she can’t hear it over the music. No one answers the door. Brilli then sends Knight to go get her something sweet.

Knight gets into the elevator with Bryant. Cataldi-Tassoni’s blood is like acid and it burns through the floor. It leaks into other apartments, knocks the power and the phones out. This stops the elevator, trapping the riders. Anything that touches this blood becomes a demon. All of the party guests that were killed also come back. There is a bunch of demons now in the building and with the power out; no one can come in or out. Will anyone survive this ordeal?

I want to lead off stating that I grew up watching this film as well as the prequel. They terrified me as a kid and even now, when I know what is going to happen, it still gets my anxiety going and my heart racing. The demon make-up for this film is great. They look gross and horrifying. I really have to say that the best part of this film is the building. It is secure, so you feel safe, but the problem is that with the power out, no one can get out. It becomes a tomb for the people inside and that amped up the fear for me. I do like that this film explores that coming in contact with infected blood anywhere on your body with change you as well. I also like that the demons are not invincible, but one scratch will change you, so it makes the stakes that much higher. Also there is a dog that becomes a demon, which is something new this film explored.

Now this film does have issues with me. The acting is okay, but nothing great there. I don’t like that there is varying time for someone to change into a demon and mostly that seems to be when the film wants to do it for a jump or needed to add a scare. The demons don’t seem too eager to kill their prey, but just to attack them so they would change. I think that is kind of odd that they have no reason to kill, except to turn everyone which seems pointless in the end. I wasn’t a fan of Vivio turning into a demon and then for some magic reason the power comes back on and strobes, only to reveal a tiny demon from him that chases Brilli. It didn’t make sense and it only seemed for the reason was to show this creature they made. I also do not understand how the original demon came out of the television and why it disappears after it attacks Cataldi-Tassoni. I don’t think that was thought through and it seemed like a horrible reason to start this infection.

With that said though, I would recommend this film. If you like films about demons and watching people trying to survive and prevent being turned, I would watch this one. This one is not as good as its predecessor, but it is still solid. The acting is okay, but the action is good. The setting helps make this film and builds on the tension as well as horror. It does come with its issues, but not enough to ruin the film for me. I will say that this film is from Italy, so keep that in mind as some of the actors are dubbed over so the words do not line up. If you can get past that, this film is creepy and well worth at least a viewing, especially if you liked the first one.


My Rating: 6 out of 10