Get Out

03/05/2017 20:56

Film: Get Out

Year: 2017

Director: Jordan Peele

Writer: Jordan Peele

Starring: Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams and Bradley Whitford



This film begins with an African-American on the phone while he is walking through a suburb. A car then pulls up beside him and turns around so it is now going in the same direction. He glances over at it and decides that he is going to go back the way he came. The car stops and the man turns back. The driver’s side door is open and then he is attacked. He is knocked out and then drug toward the car.

We then shift to meeting our main character, played by Daniel Kaluuya. He is shaving and getting ready. We also see a young woman, played by Allison Williams, buying some breakfast items. She comes to an apartment door and knocks at it with her head. It is the apartment for Kaluuya. She comes in and they kiss. He is packing his things as they are going to go to meet her parents on a weekend get-away. He is nervous, because it seems that she hasn’t told them that he is black. She assures him that won’t be a problem at all.

During their drive, Kaluuya calls his best friend, who is played by LilRel Howery. He is a funny guy who works at the airport for TSA. Howery tells him that he shouldn’t be going to where he is, but mostly to be funny. Kaluuya also puts him on speaker. Howery and Williams joke about her really wanting to be with him. This seems to make Kaluuya a little bit jealous. We also see that he is a smoker and Williams takes his cigarette away and throws it out the window. She then hits a deer and they stop. He gets out looking at it, as it didn’t die from the hit. They wait for the sheriff to show up and get a racist moment where he wants to see Kaluuya’s identification when he wasn’t driving. Williams defends and shuts it down though.

They then arrive at her parent’s house. As they pull up they pass by the man that is their groundskeeper, played by Marcus Henderson. The dad is played by Bradley Whitford and the mother by Catherine Keener. He is a neurosurgeon and the mother is a psychologist. She specializes in hypnotism. They also have a maid played by Betty Gabriel. Kaluuya finds it a little bit weird that their help is all black, but doesn’t want to be rude.

The family loves him from the get. They are a little bit awkward about it though and try to fit in with him in the lingo that they use. He plays it off as they are just not used to being around a black man. Williams’ brother shows up that night as well, he is played by Caleb Landry Jones. He is awkward as well, but his is more aggressive. He starts to drink and wants to wrestle him. Keener also wants to hypnotize him. Williams isn’t in favor of this and neither is Kaluuya. Whitford claims she can cure him of his smoking.

That night Kaluuya gets up to have a smoke, as he is he feigning. He sees a man running at him and it turns out to be Henderson. He runs past without saying anything. Kaluuya also sees Gabriel looking at herself in the glass of a door. This freaks him out too. He then goes back inside and runs into Keener. She convinces him to sit down and then hypnotizes him. He sinks down into the floor and has a surreal experience. She does cure him of his smoking.

The next morning he tells Williams about what happened and she apologizes. She is a little nervous, because she didn’t realize she picked a weekend where her parents are having a party like her grandparents used to do until they passed away. He meets a lot of people that are awkward, which he thinks is due to his skin color. He also meets another African-American that looks familiar, but he doesn’t act normal like the two who work for Williams’ parents. This man is played by Lakeith Stanfield. The only person who seems normal is a blind art gallery owner played by Stephen Root.

He tries to take a picture of Stanfield and he changes. He tells him to get out and has to be calmed down by Keener. Kaluuya wants to go home, but Williams thinks he wants to leave her. Kaluuya has an issue that his mother was killed in a hit and run accident when he was a child and it still bothers him. He tells her that he won’t leave her. He does find a closet with something that is quite shocking to him.

What is going on at this house? Why is everyone so interested in him? Is it because they fear being racist? Or is it something else? What is really going on here and who is involved?

I have to say that I came into this film with high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed. This film has a great concept behind it. I don’t want to give anything away and ruin the film, but the film has a great twist. I at first was a bit disappointed as I thought I had it figured out. There were two things that I predicted, but the film has another twist that I didn’t even see coming and I loved it. The acting in this film is good. I had never seen the two young stars in anything previous to this and they were very good. Kaluuya shows so much emotion throughout the film and that was great. Williams also did a great job and her portrayal as well. I also wanted to commend Jones. He is a supporting role in this film, but is excellent. Everything that I’ve seen him in him has been great. He is a rare actor that can hold a film by himself or can steal the screen when he is in a supporting role. I also want to commend director and writer of this film, Jordan Peele. He is a comedic actor normally, but this film was excellent. I was very impressed with the product he created.

I didn’t have a lot of issues with this film, but I didn’t like how much of a comedy this film was. It makes sense that Peele is known for his comedy that as the writer of this film, there would be a lot of it. I will give him credit though is that he has a lot of comedy in this film from what people say, but he also has a lot of comedy coming from how people are trying not to be racist and not realizing that they are being that way. It made me laugh quite a bit. I don’t mind mixing horror and comedy, but this film does have just a scary feel, especially during the climax that the comedy diminishes that feel of fear a bit. I will admit that the amount of comedy took my rating down a number.

With that said, I would highly recommend seeing this film. I feel that the story is great. Now since I focus on this so much, I predicted two of the twists during the climax, but the story have another one that I didn’t even pick up on until the reveal and I loved that. The acting was great across the board for me. I felt that Peele did a great job in writing and directing this film. The only issue I had was the amount of comedy in this film. It doesn’t ruin it, but it did diminish the fear the film is trying to build a bit. I still feel that this film deserves a viewing. I actually saw this film for the first time with a friend who doesn’t really care for horror and he loved it as well.


My Rating: 8 out of 10