It Follows

04/12/2017 16:48

Film: It Follows

Year: 2014

Director: David Robert Mitchell

Writer: David Robert Mitchell

Starring: Maika Monroe, Olivia Luccardi and Lili Sepe



This film begins with a young woman running out of her house. She is wearing heels and pajamas. A woman asks her if she is okay and she tells her she is. Her father comes outside and asks her the same thing. She goes back inside her house and then comes back out with car keys.

We then shift to a young woman who is hanging out in her swimming pool; she is played by Maika Monroe. There are some neighborhood boys that are spying on her and she says something to them. She goes inside where her sister, played by Lili Sepe, and her friends played by Olivia Luccardi and Keir Gilchrist, are hanging out. It should be pointed out here that Gilchrist is in love with Monroe.

Monroe is seeing an older guy, played by Jake Weary. He wants to sleep with her, but she has been holding out thus far. We also get a scene where we see the man who lives across the street; he is played by Daniel Zovatto.

Monroe and Weary go to see a movie, but they leave before it starts. Weary sees a woman in a yellow dress, but Monroe doesn’t see her. They end up going out to dinner and then having sex in his car. Afterwards, Weary puts something over Monroe’s mouth and knocks her out. She wakes up tied to a wheelchair. He tells her that he has passed something to her and that it will now follow her. He gives her the rules which are not to let it touch her, which it walks slowly, but it will never stop. He also says that she needs to sleep with someone so it will stop following her. He needs her to do this so it will stop coming for him as well. If she doesn’t, he will need to sleep with someone else for it to pass along.

Monroe is dropped off at her home while her sister and friends are sitting outside. They help her and the police are notified. When she goes to school, she sees an old woman walking toward her. The old woman is then inside a school hallway, but no one seems to see her, but Monroe. She leaves school.

She thinks she is going crazy and Gilchrist offers to stay over to watch over her and make sure nothing happens. Luccardi also comes over to the stay the night as well. A window is broken in the house that night and Monroe is chased from the house by a tall man. The three friends meet her in a park while she sits on a swing. Zovatto also shows up and offers his help.

The group tries to figure out who Weary really is. They go to the house that he rented and find a picture of him in high school. They then go there and get his name. They end up finding him and asking him more about what it is. He doesn’t know much and he got it from a one-night stand at a bar. He tells Monroe that he is still seeing it and that she needs to pass it along so it doesn’t get him.

They get a gun and practice shooting. Their goal is to try and kill it. They go to a beach and hang out there. Monroe doesn’t see it come up behind her, looking like her friend Luccardi. She grabs her hair and pulls it. Gilchrist tries to help her and he gets hit, cutting him. Monroe, Luccardi and Sepe hide in a building. The thing breaks a hole in the door and it is shot in the face. Monroe slips out a back door. She takes the car and crashes.

While in the hospital, she ends up having sex with Zovatto. He doesn’t see it at first, but it ends up killing him. The curse comes back to Monroe. Will she find someone else to give the curse to? Or will she find a way to stop it?

I have to say that I saw a trailer and was interested in this film, then after seeing it, I was surprised by it. I have read that this film is a throwback to 60’s-80’s horror films, which I can see that. This film has a few different times where people are watching old black and white horror films on television, which the dialogue actually describes parts of what they are dealing with. I felt the musical score was great and helped to increase the creepiness of the mood. The acting was good, no one really stood out to me, but they did fine. I especially felt bad for Gilchrist in his situation. I also want to say that I love the idea of the creature. I love that it can be random people or people that you know, but no matter what it continue coming for you. It doesn’t walk fast, but it just never stops until it gets you. What also makes it worse is that it is transferred sexually. This film follows late teens, which it is a big decision in their lives. Sexually transmitted diseases are scary, but if something comes after you that could kill you, it makes it that much worst.

I didn’t really have a lot of issues with this film. I do think it would have been nice to learn a little bit more about the entity, but I do think the directors did a good job at making it unknown and by not giving us a way to stop it. I am big on stories though, so I’m interested in learning more about what it is. I stated earlier that the acting was good, but I will reiterate that no one really stood out though, which does hurt the film a bit. Then again, for a horror film like this, it is the creature and surviving that is more important.

Now with that said, I would recommend this film. It is nice to see a new idea in a horror film instead of the rehashing or remakes that is flooding the genre. It is good to see an original idea come through. The acting is good, but not great. The music is extremely creepy as well as the monster itself. You never know what it will look like and it will never stop until it gets you. I would say to give this film a viewing.


My Rating: 7 out of 10