Jennifer's Body

04/19/2017 19:11

Film: Jennifer’s Body

Year: 2009

Director: Karyn Kusama

Writer: Diablo Cody

Starring: Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody



This film begins showing the title character Jennifer, played by Megan Fox, lying in bed. We see a woman look through the window, played Amanda Seyfried. Fox looks out the window and she is gone. We then shift to Seyfried in a mental institution. We learn that she didn’t always ask for this. She is now violent and aggressive. She then takes us back to what caused her to be the way she is.

Seyfried and Fox are best friends. Seyfried is a nerd while Fox is the head cheerleader. Seyfried is dating Johnny Simmons, who is in a band. Fox wants Seyfried to come to the only bar in town to see a band that is playing there, called Low Shoulder. She gives in and decides to go.

Once there we do really see that everyone is in love with Fox and that she knows it. They go to meet with the bed, which is fronted by Adam Brody. Seyfried overhears the band and think they want to sleep with Fox. We hear that they are looking for a virgin and Seyfried tells them that they are correct, she is. When Fox hears this, she finds it funny and informs us she is definitely not one.

The band plays and then a fire breaks out in the bar. There is a mad dash to get out and many do not. Once outside, Fox is in shock and Brody steps in. He gives her a drink. She is in a trance and Brody convinces her to come with them.

Seyfried goes home and calls Simmons. She tells him what happens and then her doorbell rings. She goes down to check it, but there is no one there. We see a shadow move behind her. She gets off the phone and then goes to check in the kitchen. She turns around to see Fox. She is bloody and she opens the refrigerator. She takes out a chicken and eats it. She then throws up a thick black liquid on the floor. She also growls in a weird voice and leaves.

The next morning, Seyfried looks tired and we learn that she does due to being up all night to clean up the mess. Fox on the other hand comes in and looks amazing. The whole town is shook up after what happened.

There is a football player, played by Josh Emerson, who is torn up after his best friend was killed in the fire. Fox comes up to console him, but does it in an odd way. She asks him to come into the woods with her. A bunch of animals watch as they kiss and then Fox reveals herself to be a monster. She kills Emerson. Their teacher hears his screaming, he is played by J.K. Simmons. He is the one to find Emerson.

Fox is the only one who has moved on from the tragedy. She is slowly begins to loose the luster of how she looks. She then turns her sight on another victim, this one played by Kyle Gallner. After a night with him, she goes back to looking fantastic.

Seyfried begins to look into books on the occult and learns that the band sacrificed her, but because she was not a virgin, she has a demon transferred into her body. She needs to eat and drink the blood of victims to make her beautiful. Seyfried is forced to decide to kill her friend and protect her boyfriend, or allow her to continue to claim victims. What will she do? How does she end up in the mental institution?

I have to say that I was personally impressed with this film. I thought the acting was pretty good for a high school horror film. Now everyone in this film is not high school age so you’ll need to suspend your beliefs on that coming in. What I really liked about this is they could combine dealing with high school issues, which writer Diablo Cody is great at doing, but mixing dealing with a supernatural problem like Fox. She is technically a succubus, which is a female demon that uses her beauty and sexuality to entice men, kill them and suck their life. Fox is great to look at in this one. The story isn’t overly complex, but entertaining.

I didn’t have a lot of issues with this film, but I mean the stupidity of how high school students’ talk is one. I can’t hold this against the film, because they do a good job getting into character. The film really doesn’t have anyone investigating of what is going on, aside from Seyfried. I know that Fox would be the last person they would expect, but regardless, I would expect more of trying to solve these crimes. I also thought it was odd that Seyfried’s boyfriend Simmons would change that quickly to want to be with Fox, but then again, if I had someone that beautiful hit on me while I’m in a relationship, I can’t really say what I would do.

Now with that said, I would recommend seeing this film. Is this the best horror film out there? No, but is it a good horror film that combines the issues of high school with the supernatural. The acting is good enough, the horror scenes are as well and both female stars are good to look at. There is even a lesbian kissing scene between them, which isn’t bad. Don’t come in expecting an amazing film and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


My Rating: 7 out of 10