The Addams Family

08/13/2015 19:26

Film: The Addams Family

Year: 1991

Director: Barry Sonnenfeld

Writer: Caroline Thompson and Larry Wilson

Starring: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia and Christopher Lloyd



This film is about a different type of family. They are a ‘horror movie’ family that is made up of the mother, played by Anjelica Huston, and her husband, Raul Julia. Their children are Christina Ricci and Jimmy Workman. These two kids are weird as they are constantly playing games to kill each other. Huston’s mother is Judith Malina. Their butler is Carel Struycken. They also have a hand that is cut off from a body that moves around on and has its own mind that they call Thing.

The film begins with an accountant who does shady business comes to visit; he is played by Dan Hedaya. He is coming to get the monthly expenses for the Addams family and wants to introduce some new business to Julia to see if he can swindle some money from him. His wife comes with him; she is played by Dana Ivey. She wants to see if Huston will donate anything to a charity auction.

Hedaya first has trouble with their gate, which opens and closes on its own. It rips his jacket as he tries to get by. He then gets attacked by a dead bear that is made into a rug, it bites his ankle. Hedaya then sees a painting of ‘Uncle Fester’ that is carrying a candle. The candle blows out by a draft. Hedaya then has to duel with Julia while using swords before they can get down to business.

Hedaya plays on the fact that Julia misses his brother and the shady business is hiding money outside of the United States in his name. He tells him that they have to wait until next quarter to begin new business, much to Hedaya’s distaste. Julia goes to his secret vault to get the money for his monthly expenses. While he does, Hedaya checks a copy of ‘Gone with the Wind’ and when he opens it wind blows at him. Julia comes back with a lot of gold and he loads it into Hedaya’s briefcase.

While this is going on, Huston has found a decorative finger trap for Ivey to put into the auction. Malina doesn’t want her to have it. Ivey tries it out and gets her fingers stuck.

When Hedaya returns to his office, he is met by a loan shark team that is made up of mother and son duo, they are played by Elizabeth Wilson and Christopher Lloyd. Hedaya took a loan out and hasn’t paid them back yet. Lloyd lifts up Hedaya and spins him around by his neck. While he is being held there, Hedaya realizes that Wilson’s son looks like Uncle Fester, just with curly hair. His briefcase opens up and everyone sees the gold. Hedaya comes up with a plan to get more and it needs Lloyd.

The Addams family is doing their annual séance, trying to get in touch with Uncle Fester. Malina leads it with the help of Huston and Ricci. Malina claims to feel Fester being close and tells him to knock. There is then knocking at the door. She tells him to do it again and there is more knocking. Thing books for the door and opens it to find Lloyd standing there. Julia is happy that his brother is back. Wilson is there with them as a doctor.

Wilson pretends to be helping Lloyd with his amnesia and that she sought out the family to have him return. They have a plan for Lloyd to find the vault and its gold. At first Lloyd is freaked out by the family, but the more he spends with them, the more he realizes that they accept him. Wilson doesn’t like it and tells him to keep his eyes on the prize.

Ricci is suspicious of Lloyd from the beginning, but then he befriends her and her brother. They begin to spend a lot of time together. Just when it seems that Lloyd is going to really become Fester, Hedaya learns that Lloyd would be the older brother and everything would belong to him. Around this time, Ricci finds out the truth about Lloyd. Hedaya tells Wilson he has a plan and get the judge who is a neighbor with the Addams, the judge is played by Paul Benedict. He despises the Addams family and pushes through the order, forcing everyone but Lloyd from the house.

Will Lloyd find the vault and the gold for his mother? Will he decide that he wants to be with Wilson or will he join the Addams family as Fester? Will the Addams family get their house back?

I have to say that I loved this movie when I was a kid and it is still enjoyable for me. Watching how weird this family is something that is quite funny. When something that we would consider normal, they find it to be odd, just like how we would find it different if we were with them in that situation. I think that it is fun to see and can make you laugh as well. I think this story is interesting and the roles are played very well from Huston, Julia, Hedaya, Lloyd, Wilson and even a young Ricci.

The only drawback that I had with it is that some of the things they do are unrealistic. Like when Ricci electrocutes Workman or when she is chasing after him with a knife. I think with what they do, the kid should be dead, but he lives on. Thing is another thing that isn’t plausible. This is a horror/comedy, so I know things that are impossible can be, but that does make it unrealistic.

With that said, this is a good horror/comedy that is family friendly. You get a lot of horror movie elements that are turned funny, so you don’t have to worry about children getting nightmares. It is also still enjoyable to watch as an adult as well. There is some good acting, a good story and an interesting take on the family unit. I would recommend giving this a viewing.


My Rating: 6 out of 10