The Eyes of My Mother

04/10/2019 06:22

Film: The Eyes of My Mother

Year: 2016

Director: Nicolas Pesce

Writioner: Nicolas Pesce

Starring: Kika Magalhães, Will Brill and Olivia Bond



This film I heard about through podcasts I listen to. I actually saw the writer/director Nicolas Pesce next film before checking this one out. To get into my review, the synopsis is a young, lonely woman is consumed by her deepest and darkest desires after tragedy strikes her quite country life.

We kick this film off with a woman walking in the road. A semi is approaching and honks at her. She just falls to the ground while the driver gets out and checks on her. It then shifts to a young girl, Francisca (Olivia Bond), with her mother, Diana Agostini. Her mother was a surgeon back in Portugal and now she is raising her daughter. She is teaching her medical things with some of their cows as well as procedures. Their world turns upside down though when Charlie (Will Brill) shows up at their farm. Francisca’s father, Paul Nazak, comes home and Charlie has killed his wife. The father knocks him out.

This is where things get a little bit odd. The father chains up Charlie in the barn and they bury the mother in the woods by their house. They just carry on like life is normal. One night, Charlie is yelling and father tells to take care of it. She does and not in a way that I was expecting.

It then jumps some time into the future. Francisca has grown up to be Kika Magalhães. Her father has passed away, but she still is keeping him in the house. She is carrying on like nothing happened. She does break down though and is lonely. She then decides to try to find a companion, which takes to some even darker turns.

Now I definitely wanted to go somewhat vague with this recap, as to not spoil things. This film though really is quite basic in the story though. There aren’t a lot of parts to it. What really carry this though are some other things. The first of which is the location. This is actually quite interesting as I grew up in the country. It can be eerily quiet, so things that happen in this could without anyone knowing. Going even farther, I feel like the world moved on while Francisca kind of stayed the same. The house isn’t modern and their vehicle isn’t either. We don’t really know when this film is taking place, which adds to this.

Something else is that this film really has good writing. What gets established early on is referenced back to later. I’m a big fan when this is done; because I get sucked in by stories so I really like to know me paying attention to all the little details really comes back for a payoff. With saying that, I really wonder if this young girl is really the daughter of these two. They seem quite a bit older than normal parents age which makes me wonder, but also with something that happens in the film.

Going from there, the feeling of growing dread is something that I really dug too. The film is slow-burn, which is quite interesting since the film runs less than 80 minutes. The dread that grows as you see this life that Francisca is living and how things that she did as a child and that her father did turned her into what she is. When you see what she does to Charlie and to others it really is not only sad, but quite horrific.

What also really drives this film is the acting. I really have to give credit to Magalhães. She has to play a character that is completely devoid of normal human emotions. A lot of this is the isolation that she grew up in. I can’t really say that she is insane, because to be honest, she doesn’t seem to know right from wrong. Agostini is interesting in her small role as she tries to teach her daughter things. Nazak is cold toward her and some of things he teachers her take her on a different route. I thought the rest of the characters rounded out the film for what was needed.

On to the effects of the film, which seem to be practical and I was for that. There aren’t really a lot of effects to be honest, but the blood we get definitely looked good. I should point out that the film is filmed in black and white, which is definitely an interesting stylistic choice that I dug. With her living where she does, I think it adds to that for sure. There is a reveal of what happens to someone that really made me go numb with the realism of what was done. I should end this here saying that the film is shot beautifully as well.

The soundtrack of the film was interesting. There is a song playing in the first scene that caught my roommate’s attention as the song is about a family that was murdered by their father. There are also some old movies that are being played where we get to hear some dialogue. I bring this up as I know they were strategically put in because it goes along with what is happening in the film. I would say that the use of sound and music was solid in this one.

Now to wrap this up, I do have to say that I enjoyed this film. I will admit that the story is lacking a bit. It is quite basic, but for a film like this, it didn’t need to be more complex. The acting and the pacing of the film really drives it. It built tension in a slower way, but I thought the payoff was good. The effects we got were good and the film was shot beautifully. The soundtrack was good and that is not only with music, but with dialogue from other films as well. I do think this film has some minor issues, but I really liked it and would recommend giving it a viewing. I thought it was good.


My Rating: 8 out of 10