The Lords of Salem

06/15/2017 16:46

Film: The Lords of Salem

Year: 2012

Director: Rob Zombie

Writer: Rob Zombie

Starring: Sheri Moon Zombie, Meg Foster and Bruce Davison



This film begins in the 1600s; a reverend is writing in his diary about a coven of witches, he is played by Andrew Pine. We also see the coven he is referring to as they are performing a ceremony. They are led by Meg Foster.

We jump to present day and wake up in the apartment of Sheri Moon Zombie. She goes about her morning routine with her dog. She goes out into the hallway to get her newspaper and sees someone in the previously vacate apartment 5. She tries to say hello to her, but they go inside and slam the door.

Zombie goes to leave for work and sees her landlord, who is played by Judy Geeson. They talk about the apartment and Zombie learns that it is still does not have tenant. This confuses her.

She goes into work where she is part of a trio that is the best radio hosts in Salem. She works alongside Jeff Daniel Phillips, who has a crush on her, and Ken Foree. They do a show where they listen to heavy metal music, interview people and use funny sound effects to go along with what they say.

At the end of the shift, Zombie finds a package has been delivered to her at the station. It is a wooden case with a record from a group called ‘The Lords’. Phillips and Zombie go back to her place to have dinner and hang out. They decide near the end of the night to listen to the record and at first it will not catch. When it does, the music has a weird effect on Zombie.

Her life begins to fall apart after listening to it. There are apparitions that are following her around. We learn that she is a recovering addict, so her life is hanging on the edge in general. The next day they interview Bruce Davison, who has just written a book about the witch trials of Salem. When he listens to the record of the Lords, something about it does not feel right.

Davison learns that the music that is played has something to do with the coven that Pine burned back in the 1600s. He also learns that there was a curse placed on the women of Salem by Foster. Can he figure this out before it is too late? Zombie holds a secret in her past that makes her the target, can she hold her grip on reality or will her curse take her as well.

First off, this film does a few things that I liked. The song that ‘The Lords of Salem’ plays is really creepy and that gives a great feel to the film. The different apparitions and dream like sequences this film uses also add to that. The mystery builds and things become weirder and weirder, this all helps the mood of the film. I also thought the twist that involves Zombie was good, as well as the mystery of the film. I definitely kept wanting to learn more.

Now the problem that I had with this one is that director Rob Zombie loses what he wants to do in building a mystery of what is going on. I think he has too many elements and does not combine them to create enough suspense. I predicted a lot of what was going to happen and there really are no twists in it, outside of the one I brought up above. We all can see what is going to happen and when it does, it leaves us wanting more and we do not get it. I think the story was boring with different story elements that lack their tie back in to make this a solid film.

I do not think this one is a horrible film; it just lacks things to make it a really good film. It is creepier than many horror films and does do a lot to back this up. The story really holds it back for me and that is what keeps it from being good. I would still say to give it a viewing if you are a fan of Rob Zombie and judge this one for yourself. I do think this is the worst film of the ones he has done, but the sad thing is that it had a lot of potential that was not realized.


My Rating: 5 out of 10