The Void

01/06/2018 12:39

Film: The Void

Year: 2016

Director: Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski

Writer: Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski

Starring: Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh and Daniel Fathers



This film begins inside of a farm house. We see a guy flee from the building, played by Evan Stern. He runs out into the night. We hear a woman screaming and odd sounds. She comes out of the house as well, followed by Daniel Fathers and Mik Byskov. She is shot in the back with a shotgun and then burned alive. They chase after the man. As they go, we see a man in a white hood and robe, with a black triangle where the face should be.

We then shift to Aaron Poole, who is a police officer. He is sleeping out on a dark road and his shift is almost over for the night. Stern comes out of the woods and Poole goes to check on him. Realizing he is hurt and not drunk, he speeds to the nearest hospital. The problem is that it is closing due to a fire, but it is still open.

Poole told dispatch to call ahead and warn them that they were coming, but it never happened. Two nurses greet Poole at the door. One is played by Kathleen Munroe and the other by Stephanie Belding. Munroe is actually Poole’s ex-wife. They take the man in to be checked out by the doctor. The doctor is played by Kenneth Welsh. Welsh notices that the man brought in has a drug problem with all of the markings on his arm. Poole goes to clean the blood of himself and we see that the relationship between Poole and Munroe is still strained but they are civil.

Also in this hospital is a trainee, played by Ellen Wong. When we first meet her, she is sitting in a room with Matthew Kennedy. She is trying to show him gross things from a textbook and he is ignoring her, trying to watch Night of the Living Dead. There is also a pregnant girl played by Grace Munro and her grandfather is there as well, played by James Millington.

Poole hears something weird in a room and goes in to find Belding pulling a pair of scissors from Kennedy’s eye. She is then cutting her face off and comes at Poole. He shoots her and flees the room. He is met by Munroe and Welsh who check on the woman. Poole states he is going to go call in what happened and he passes out. We see that he has visions of clouds and other odd things before he is woke up by Munroe and Welsh. Poole is informed that a State Trooper is there.

He goes out to meet him, the trooper played by Art Hindle. Hindle knew Poole’s father and scolds him for how things have been handled. Hindle is there due to the investigation at what happened at the farm house. Poole goes to call in what happened and tries to go to his car to do it. Out there he sees the hooded figure. There are more of them when Poole is attacked and stabbed. He gets the person off and gets back into the hospital. Belding isn’t dead as she has become a monster and Stern is rescued from the room. Fighting their way into the hospital is Fathers and Byskov.

Belding then takes Hindle. Poole, Fathers and Byskov goes to save him and trying to kill this giant monster. Outside they are surrounded by the cult. Can these people survive and get away from this madness? What is this monster? Are there more of them? Where do they come from? It appears that some of the people here know more than what they are letting on.

I was turned on to this film from some of the horror film podcasts that I listen to and I definitely glad that I checked it out. This film is very surreal. I came in knowing minimal about it and I think that helped me really enjoy this. This film is heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft. Some of the creatures definitely have that look of Cthulhu. There is also reference to gods that are older than God as well as the name itself, The Void, which references the abyss. What I also like about this film is that we are never fully given an explanation of things, because no one themselves know. The setting is great as they are in a building, trapped so there is claustrophobia. There are multiple entrances so it doesn’t ever feel safe.  The cult that stands outside of the building makes it even scarier as they never speak a word. I liked the ending as well, thought it fit the feel of the film.

The acting to me was pretty solid as well. Poole is our main character and film like this he doesn’t have to blow you away. Everything going around him and the setting are enough. What he did great though was give a believable performance. Welsh was solid as the doctor and I love how his character arch plays out. I didn’t see it coming and it fit so well for me. Fathers was solid in his role as well as Munroe, Wong and the rest of the cast. I also want to give a shout-out to Byskov, who had a tough role to play in that his throat was damaged and couldn’t speak. I’m not sure if this is something he really can’t do or just something the film decided, but I liked it. I also wanted to give a shout-out to Hindle. He was in The Brood as the hero of that film. I liked his cameo in this one.

Next I need to commend the film on using practical effects in this film. What I saw in the film looked real which makes it that much scarier. This film does seem to pay homage for The Thing with how some of the monsters looked. If they did them with computers, I couldn’t tell and I would be even more impressed if that was the case. I thought the editing of the film was very well done. They would splice in scenes of others things at times to build the story as well as to make things feel creepier. I also like when people think a room is one thing, but then we see what the truth is. Then finally the soundtrack was great in this film as well. I thought it helped to build the suspense even more.

Now with that said, I would recommend seeing this film. If you are into surreal horror films that bend reality, I think you’ll enjoy this one. It has cults, monsters and things to this effect and it does very well at making it feel real. The acting I felt was good enough as what is happening around them is really the star. The effects in the film are great. The editing is as well and the soundtrack just helps to build the suspense to the film. It is definitely a Lovecraftian type film, so if you are into that, definitely check this out. This was a very good film in my opinion.


My Rating: 8 out of 10